Our Story

dxSaigon was established in 2012 by Thomas Grové as a way for creative professionals in Saigon to connect with each other. At the time Thomas was working as the Creative Director for Gameloft in Vietnam.

In 2014 Thomas decided to pursue dxSaigon full-time and established it as a design consultancy.

Prior to moving to Vietnam, Thomas lived in San Francisco where he worked as a Game Designer on franchises including Street Fighter, Fantasy Strike, and Iron Man before finally helping to democratise game development as the World Wide Marketing Manager for Unity.

DX Group
Product Brands

Studio Interrupt

Videogames with style.


Online magazine about art and design from Saigon and beyond.


Functional fashion that keeps you cool, safe, and sexy.

DX Group

DX Consulting

Creative direction and design for your project and company.


Architectural and interior design for residential, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

DX Agency

Connecting international projects with local talent.


The “dx” in dxSaigon stands for “design exchange” — we promote the exchange of ideas across industries, creative disciplines, and international borders through our various design advocacy initiatives.

We do this because making the world a better place requires improving everyone’s skill and general design awareness. We don’t worry about competitive advantage because we believe that a rising tide raises all ships.

Creative Jobs

The job board for creative jobs in Saigon. It’s free for employers and jobs seekers — so whether you are looking to hire talent, or looking for your next job, dxSaigon is here to help.

Design Exchange Magazine

dxMag is where we show off some of the most inspiring minds working in art and design in Saigon and around the world.

In contrast to the click-bait web, our content is media-rich, long-form, insightful, and original.

Facebook Groups

Our Design Exchange Saigon Facebook group has organically grown to over 1,500 members. It is a place for creatives living and working in Saigon to exchange information. Feel free to join us there!

We also created a vibrant artist group called Saigon Illustrators.

DX Events

Our ongoing series of events bring together the wider design community to meet in person for networking and listening to inspiring presentation. Our previous events have included topics such as Design in Saigon, Creating Spaces, Design is Delicious, and The Business of Creativity.

DX Consulting

About Us

dxSaigon is a design consultancy based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam. We do lots of different kinds of design, but we especially do work that combines technology with aesthetics and purpose.

dxSaigon was founded with the vision of improving the world through better design. We selectively work on projects where we add value to our client, their customers, and the world.

with Us

A key difference between working with us on a design problem vs another agency: we help you figure out what we should even be building in the first place — something that meets your business needs, sets you apart from your competition, and is a delight for your users to interact with.

Most of our clients come to us for help with their Game Design and Branding; but truly there is no limit to the solutions we can envision. Augmented reality? In store interactive displays? A better mouse trap? Yes we can help you with that.

Email hello@dxsaigon.com to get started!

Clients &

Our approach is collaborative, making the distinction between client, partner, and collaborator often times blurred. We might be hired by a production company one month and then in turn hire them for a different project the next.

Here are some of the great companies and people we’ve worked with recently: