DXP-001: Brian Letwin

By November 6, 2019 November 18th, 2019 Podcast

What’s up! Episode number one of my podcast is here! I’m pleased to sit down with Brian Letwin — co-founder and CEO of Saigoneer. Saigoneer is a media company in Vietnam. Find out more at: https://saigoneer.com/


Table of Contents:

00:19 – Intro
03:40 – Origins of Saigoneer
09:08 – Why a Korean Version
10:34 – Saigoneer’s Core Content
12:46 – The Changing Media Landscape
16:05 – Saigoneer’s Media Kit
21:10 – Is Saigoneer a Publication or an Advertising Agency?
24:37 – What Motivates Brian?
27:44 – Vietnam Modern Architecture
32:08 – Brian’s Grab Bike Accident Pt 1
34:17 – Lack of Flood Prevention and Environmental Issues
38:30 – Traffic and Walking in Saigon
44:06 – Ride Share Popularity and Economics
49:26 – Brian’s Grab Bike Accident Pt 2
53:55 – The First Time Brian and Thomas Met / Outro

Episode Hashtags:

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