DX-4 was the fourth event in our ongoing series of presentations and networking for creative professionals. The theme was “The Business of Creativity”. We brought together some of the finest artists and illustrators living in Saigon to find out why they make art and how they make a living doing it.



  • Event Planning
  • Branding
  • Collateral Design
  • Email Campaign
  • Facebook Campaign
  • T-Shirt Design

Animated DX-4 Logo

The logo for DX-4 incorporates the “dx” logo on top of an abstract “4” and then extrudes the whole thing into a “cube” to reference the event venue (the Cube Bar).


Limited Edition DX-4 T-Shirt

This frame of the animated logo was chosen for the t-shirt design. It was screen printed on 100% cotton using discharge ink. A small pink tag can be found at the bottom of the shirt.


Physical and Digital Event Posters

Our other favourite frame of animation was chosen for the event posters. We like this one because it clearly shows off all of the forms at play using a minimum number of colours or shades.

Event Photos

photos courtesy Alexander McMillan