We renewed a Vietnamese house — converting it from a single family home with two half baths into two apartments with two full baths and one half bath. Special attention was given to UX and usability: A dedicated area for parking, a more open kitchen, introduction of more natural light, sensible electrical and lighting design.



  • Interior Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Construction Oversight
  • Material Sourcing
  • Project Management


Ground Floor Before and After

Superfluous decorative elements (pillars, fake brick) and kitchen cabinets were removed. A kitchen window was added. A dedicated parking area was created by raising the rest of the kitchen floor.

The bathroom was made smaller, giving more space to the kitchen and room to install a washer and dryer. Original cabinets were patched and painted.

1st Floor One Bedroom Apartment Before and After

The original bathroom had low ceilings and a shower you’d have to use while on the toilet. We raised the bathroom ceiling, created a dedicated space for the shower where the toilet used to be, placed the toilet where the sink used to be, and will move the sink outside of bathroom.

We added a door between the bedroom and the living room. There will be a hidden sliding door behind a book case which can be closed if you want to use the living room as a guest room.

This blue area separates the walk-in closet and vanity from the rest of the bedroom.

2nd Floor Studio Apartment Before and After

A concrete bench and large windows were added to the far wall.

We encroached into the attached terrace to create a bathroom with an open-air shower and a very large window (blinds can be lowered for the modest).