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DXP-010: Pete Gray

By January 19, 2020January 20th, 2020Podcast

Producing a Radio Show about Fishing

Pete Gray is the founder and host of Let’s Talk Hook Up, a Southern California sports fishing call-in radio show that airs every Saturday and Sunday morning. We talk with Pete about the appeal of fishing, working with advertising partners, and transitioning from Radio broadcast to online media.


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Let’s Talk Hook Up Links:

Instagram: @lets_talk_hook_up
App for iPhone:
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Table of Contents:

00:27 – Intro – What Kind of Show is Let’s Talk Hook Up?
02:33 – How Pete Got into Hosting A Radio Show
05:36 – Challenges in Radio
07:14 – How Advertisers Measure The Results of a Podcast or Radio Sponsorship
10:56 – Types of Sponsorship Opportunities
14:15 – Tips for New Podcasts When Working with Sponsors
17:03 – Timeslots
18:16 – How to Keep Your Show Fresh
19:44 – Commercial VS Sport Fishing and Sustainability
22:19 – Illegal Harvesting, Why Not Harvest Bycatch?
26:22 – Catch and Release and Bonefishing
28:11 – What’s Fun About Fishing?
31:13 – Sushi and Tuna Stocks
32:36 – China’s 9-Dash Line
35:23 – Fishing Tales
39:35 – Quietness in Fishing
40:33 – How to Find and Maintain Sponsorships
47:28 – Electric Outboard Engines
48:42 – Conventional Outboard Engines
51:44 – Some of the Logistics of Producing a Show and Keeping Up Enthusiasm
55:49 – Bringing My Dad on as a Guest – Fishing Story
1:00:27 – Outro

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