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DXP-012: Matt Barnes

By March 9, 2020April 27th, 2020Podcast

Making Art and Experiences in Columbus Ohio

Matt Barnes is a user experience and collage artist working out of Columbus Ohio. He recently started Barnes Cards, an irreverent and funky greeting card company.

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Table of Contents:

1:49 – The Art Journey of Mister Barnes
13:17 – Guerilla Marketing, Trash Art Objects on Twitter
17:12 – Designing A Leisure Club Based on Nostalgia
22:11 – Columbus Has Less Cocaine Than Miami
28:36 – Columbus is into Sports
31:34 – Mister Barnes Wants to Create Amazing Experiences for People
39:46 – Thomas Pontificates on Experience Design
48:30 – Civitas Now Was An Attempt to Merge Art with Advertising
51:20 – Matt is Hard Working – Does Everyone Have Creativity or Taste? What is Art?
59:42 – What Inspires Mister Bares to Make Art? Higher Dimensions Geometry. Urban Agriculture.
1:10:21 – Columbus Galleries
1:13:37 – Outro

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