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The DX Podcast Launches

By November 25, 2019News

The founder of the Séfu fashion brand has launched a new podcast that sees him visit different locations to interview people who work in creative fields. The podcast aims to provide inspiration to those that want to learn from the experiences of others – from their successes to their failures.

Osaka, Japan, November 26, 2019

Design Exchange with Thomas Grové is a new podcast that covers creativity and entrepreneurship. Thomas, a veteran of the video game industry, and the founder of the Séfu fashion brand visits different locations to talk to people working in creative fields to find out what makes them tick and what challenges they needed to overcome.

The podcast – which is also available as a video on Youtube – covers a wide range of topics that include Design, User Experience, Techno, Crypto, Cyberpunk, Making Things, Expat Life, Cultural Differences, Consciousness, and Zen.

Design Exchange with Thomas Grové has launched with four interviews: Brian Letwin – Running a Media Company in Vietnam, James Seebacher – Building a Beach Bar in Vietnam, Marc Mendoza – Bag Manufacturing in Vietnam, and Andrea Taviani – Making Artisinal Gelato in Vietnam. New episodes are scheduled to be released each week with episodes recorded in Japan and the USA as well.

When asked what inspired him to set up his new podcast, Thomas Grove replied: “I was inspired by the Joe Rogan podcast to create my own podcast – so my podcast is an interview format, but it has some unique points. Each episode is recorded in a different location. A lot of my guests are doing creative work overseas (from their home country). Through the course of a one-hour conversation, we delve into their successes and failures, where they get inspiration from, and how they compare and contrast life abroad with their home country.

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About dxSaigon

dxSaigon was established in 2012 by Thomas Grové as a way for creative professionals in Saigon to connect with each other. At the time Thomas was working as the Creative Director for Gameloft in Vietnam.