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DXP-005: Tomo Huynh

By November 30, 2019December 3rd, 2019Podcast

Tomo is a Viet-Japanese-American entrepreneur, software engineer, and electronic musician living in Saigon. He has a great analytical mind and I always get a thrill from talking with him!

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Table of Contents:

00:18 – Intro: How Tomo Ended Up in Vietnam
01:10 – Bleep Bloop Music
01:33 – An Overview of Tomo’s Interests and Engineering Background
03:00 – What Keeps Tomo in Vietnam
04:55 – The Vietnam/American War and Viet Kieu Misconceptions of Present-Day Vietnam
12:29 – Vietnam Startup Scene
14:00 – The Challenges of Doing Business – Are You in The Right Business? Is It The Right Time for Your Business?
17:59 – Overview of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency, Bitcoin in Vietnam
45:42 – Music Festivals and Midwest Raves for Underground Electronic Music
50:45 – Considerations When Writing Dance Music
53:10 – Drum and Bass vs Techno, Tomo’s Music
57:38 – What Are The Conditions for A Vibrant Arts Scene? – 90’s Underground Computer Art Scene, Asci, Ansi, BBS, Warez
01:08:00 – It’s Hard to Start Things and Hard to Keep Them Going. When To Keep Going, When To Pivot, and When To Give Up
01:18:45 – Outro


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