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DXP-004: Andrea Taviani

By November 18, 2019December 3rd, 2019Podcast

Andrea Taviani is the founder and head ice cream experimentalist at SAPORI D’ITALIA. Let’s talk to him about life in Vietnam and making gelato that really satisfies!

Andrea’s Links: Instagram: @sapori__ditalia @aot81
Thomas’s Links: IG/TW: @dxSaigon


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Table of Contents:

00:38 – Intro / Un Espresso
02:46 – Starting a Business in Vietnam
05:37 – Sourcing Ingredients
07:23 – Creating “Dolce Far Niente”
10:06 – Foreign Food Prices
12:03 – Doing Things The Old Fashioned Way
15:01 – Vietnamese Ingredients in Ice Cream
20:26 – Andrea’s Cultural Background
22:40 – The Most Challenging Thing So Far (construction)
25:20 – Cultural Differences
32:28 – Driving in Vietnam
39:27 – Foreign Ghettos and Assimilation
41:52 – Eating Local
43:14 – Ice Cream Reactions: Thomas and Saigonese
45:05 – Language Barrier and Learning Vietnamese
51:55 – Customer Satisfaction in Italian
01:05:10 – Goodbyes and Such


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