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DXP-008: Christian Calderon

By January 1, 2020January 18th, 2022Podcast

Making Hyper Casual Games

Christian Calderon is a mobile game executive and entrepreneur who recently co-founded his second hyper-casual game studio in Ho Chi Minh City. He’s also an Advisory Board member at Ketchapp which was Acquired by Ubisoft.

We talk with Christian about living in Asia, his game industry journey, and some of the nitty-gritty of developing and monetizing mobile games.

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Table of Contents:

00:35 – Intro
01:28 – Christian’s Vietnam Journey Thus Far, Travel in SEA
02:42 – Exploring a Country Through Its Cuisine
04:24 – Chris’s Game Industry Experience, from Fan to Ceo
06:33 – Game Life Cycles – Hard Core Console vs Mobile
07:57 – What Keeps Christian in the Game Industry
09:50 – What’s Gamejam working on?
11:49 – The New Mac Pro and Buggy Laptop Keyboards
17:38 – Master Class
25:44 – Eating Dogs and Cultural Experiences
28:15 – Cultural Differences when Crossing the Street in USA, Vietnam, Japan
33:57 – Breaking Rules in Games
36:50 – When Does Christian Decide to Continue Developing A Game and When To Kill A Game
39:35 – Increasing User Retention
41:43 – The State of the Mobile Game Industry in 2019/2020
45:24 – Monetization in Mobile Games
47:50 – State of the Art in Game Monetization
53:20 – Getting a Job in the Videogame Industry
58:19 – Outro


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