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DXP-007: Jon Myers

By December 24, 2019January 2nd, 2020Podcast

From Free Agent to Chief Design Officer

For our Double-O-Seventh episode, it is oh so appropriate to have Jon Myers as our guest. He’s an international designer of mystery—living a jet-set life and assassinating design problems with expert marksmanship. We talk to Jon about his 20 years of design experience leading up to his current role as Chief Design Officer at Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City based crypto trading platform Liquid.

You can find Jon at @JonMyers on Twitter and
You can learn more about Liquid at


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Table of Contents:

00:17 – Intro
01:15 – Jon’s Saigon Journey
02:17 – The Columbus Connection
02:43 – Jon’s Design and Entrepreneurship Journey
05:16 – Digital Nomads, Lifestyle Business, Scalable Startups, Affiliate Marketing, Vietnam and a Medium Article
08:27 – American’s Have an Unfair Advantage in Immigration and Global Citizenship
10:54 – World on Fire, Working for Yourself, Working for a Company, Abstraction Layers
15:04 – Introduction to The Liquid Crypto Platform
21:09 – Advice to be a Better Designer
24:31 – Smoking Shisha
26:07 – Exercise, Daily Routines, Productivity, Intermittent Fasting
28:42 – Distraction and Productivity
33:13 – What Does Jon Like Most About Living in Vietnam?
35:59 – Design vs Conducting
37:04 – Entertainment, Tourism, and Restaurants in Saigon
40:54 – Jon’s Design Process
44:39 – Sketch (UI Design App)
45:54 – Game Design, New Platforms, and Gold Rushes
50:04 – Dynamite Circle
51:17 – Vitality in Online Communities
56:28 – Outro


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